Monday, March 28, 2011

hooray for road trips!

This past Sunday my boyfriend and I took a wee road trip. He wanted to buy some rims for his motorcycle in Kitchener, so to sweeten the pot and convince me to tag along he proposed that we check out St. Jacobs country. I had never been so of course I said "yes".

The Village is really cute & cool. There are a bunch of unique buildings and the area is well known for it's antiques and Mennonite crafts.

The Mill and Silos are home to a maple syrup museum and a quilt gallery (apparently this region is the quilt capital of Canada). There are also pottery and weaving studios, shops, and other exhibits.

Inside Market Road Antiques where I found the cutest, teeny-tiny pearl buttons ever! We also got some vintage Pyrex mugs, maple syrup and Turkish Delight.

Aren't they sweet?

On the way out of town we stopped to eat an ungodly portion of the most delicious schnitzel!

I did not sew a stitch or paint a stroke, but it was a super fun and relaxing day! I think we'll go back in the summer time for the Farmer's Market & ice cream...yummy.