Wednesday, February 29, 2012

little Lauren

This is little Lauren. She likes to go to the beach and watch the seagulls waddle along the shore (even in the winter time). Little Lauren is a city gal, but sometimes she wishes she lived on a farm so she could keep a barn owl as a pet.

Lauren is a custom dolly for a baby friend of mine. She was really great to make for the following reasons:

A. I finally used some coloured snaps for eyes.
B. I got to fool around with 2 tone hair.
C. Her shoes are perfect!

I've always had a hard time with the shoes. In fact, the first 2 dollies had shoes sewn right to their feets because I couldn't wrap my brain around how to make them removable. This time I added some interfacing to the sole (don't ask me why I've never done this before...I really don't know) and altered the pattern a wee bit, and I'm really happy with how they turned out.